We secure
what you insure

Standard Home
& Condo


Up to 2,000 square feet

Large Home


Up to 3,500 square feet

Executive Home


Up to 5,000 square feet

*The above pricing is a general guideline. Each home has different and unique characteristics and we can determine specific pricing with a few simple questions.

*Additional charges will apply for detailed items such as collections, and additional spaces including basements and attics.


Complete Home Inventory with digital photographs and video of all personal property
delivered electronically via email or flash drive.

Included for one year:

Unlimited updates and additions for newly purchased or acquired items.
Notify us and we send a link to your phone to photo and upload items to your existing inventory.

Secure cloud storage of all inventory data.

Customer support and personalized service in the event of a loss.
We will work with your adjuster to insure you receive maximum benefits as quickly as possible.

Email newsletter with tips and reminders to keep your inventory current and up to date.

 Annual Subscription

Pics flash drive

To continue receiving our quality service of unlimited additions, cloud storage, and customer support
following your first year of service, a $50.00 per year subscription fee will apply.