Personal Inventory Control Specialists

With years of experience in the insurance industry and seeing first hand the impact and devastation that occurs
following a major loss, we realized the tremendous need to assist individuals and families in the process
of documenting their possessions. All too often and immediately following such a tragic and emotional event,
many are weighed down further with the burden of trying to reconstruct a list of everything that was lost
and do it quickly and completely from memory. 

PICS, LLC wants to help you be prepared. Our professional home inventory will protect you with a
comprehensive record of your personal property. Our specialists will document all of your belongings
and help ensure that you receive from your insurance company the maximum reimbursement for your
loss as quickly as possible. If such a tragedy were to ever occur, one of our specialists will be available t
o assist with your inventory and help with the claims process. This peace of mind will allow you to
begin restoring your life and your property with greater ease.



“Thank goodness we had all our recent purchases documented.”

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